On this website you will be able to see and admire that part of history that will soon be gone. Our purpose is to keep the memory vivid through the photographer’s lens. The city’s fascination is presented here in its numerous situations, many of which are simply memories of the past activities. The exploration of aesthetics in the old industrial buildings, closed factories and abandoned sites is our main adventure goal. With the bright, warm sunlight, life is restored back into these sites. Take it as you wish, but the team behind this page considers it an exercise of capturing rays of light, rays of hope, where there seems to be none.

It`s all in the location search, choosing the right equipment, making the settings on camera that will capture the perfect snapshot. The hope here is that with our scenery shots, emotions will be unraveled in the eye and soul of the people admiring the results of our work.

We hope that you will enjoy the photos presented here and that we will inspire you start on your own personal journey in finding the life and beauty in the abandoned places. For this we have created a special section in which we give you a hint of the work behind these snapshots. With our explanations and settings advice, we hope that the creative photographer in you will be revealed and you shall start your own photography journey. The team wishes you to find the divine light to be captured in your future snapshots!