Search for the Perfect Location

location-scouting-video-productionWhether is an old factory around the corner of your neighborhood, a soon to be demolished industrial building or just an abandoned building you pass each day, look it up closer. There is beauty to be discovered in those places. There is hope to be seen out there, even if at a first sight doesn’t seem to be that way. There are many things potentially to become your next shown in an exhibition or awarded snapshot, so look carefully.

Many things have potential here. May it be that old brick wall, where nature has taken back its rights, a bright, warm ray of light exploding through that peeled paint of the aged window frame, the rays of light to be captured on that concrete floor, objects that have the age of your grandmother to be photographed on that old cabinet’s shelves. There is a feeling of past grandeur waiting for you to see it right in that high ceiling empty industrial hall. These are just a few examples that you might be looking after at first. There are thousand more details waiting for you to discover them.

Just take the time to see it! Go on, have the courage to go on that reconnaissance trip. The urban landscape if a beautiful subject to be captured into those frames of your brand new camera waiting on your desk to be taken outside and bring back exhibition photographs. Maybe at the beginning your shots would still need a lot of post-processing, but with time and experience, you will see that settings will be more intuitive and subjects to be photographed easier to spot.

Take the first steps and everything will become natural. One last piece of advice: be careful where you step, because there is also danger in these beautiful locations. Safety should be the motto of every photo trip.