On a Final Note

The purpose of this website will have been achieved when with the help of the advice written here you will have reached a high-level standard in your photographic art. Getting through all the steps, from which camera to choose, what lens to use in which occasion, with what light settings, this guide was put together at your disposal by the Urban Landscape Photographers Association. T

he finality here should be for instructing and gaining valuable members in the team, that in turn will give out their experiences, share their personal shooting and post-processing style as to inspire others. This work of capturing the essence and philosophy behind various photos inside old, uninhabited buildings, abandoned factories also wants to raise awareness among the ordinary citizen.

Maybe he, as you, before this hobby, was walking besides that beautiful photographic artbuilding without appreciating its rich history and beautiful aging. The artwork can also show that the old is not outdated, the old is not out fashioned, the old can inspire. It can show people to look out for hope and beauty where there seems to be none.

Appreciative thoughts and actions for the decay, and soon-not-to-be urban landscape, while remembering it with beautiful pictures carefully taken by the people on this association provide valuable memories for the future generations as well.

Different visual approaches, even on photography made on the same spots, but with different ambient light solutions, or simply by that magical personal style gives us an insight into the human soul. Different visual poetry will be the result of that unique inner world, that sensibility specific for each individual. This is how art has evolved over centuries and how it will keep going on its flourishing path. The emotion has to be captured and passed into the work, so that it brings out feelings into the viewer. Photography is an art of this kind.