Make Your Contacts

As important as it is to find a location worthy of your time, to get the good settings on that perfect shot, to work out your magical skills at home, in front of the computer, show off and contact-making is of highly importance. Imagine if you are the best in what you do, but never get to see the daylight into the exhibition stand or be appreciated by some people that might just love your photos. Let’s imagine what would have happened if, Leonardo or Michelangelo were not being contracted by important people in their times.

Make Your ContactsProbably their work would have been lost over the centuries and not be there for the enjoyment or your visual senses. The same can happen to you, don`t keep your photos up in a folder in your computer, print them out, see how they look on paper, see the color differences between screen and paper, buy nice frames worth of your work, sign them nicely and give them away as presents for your friends events. Or just without any special occasion.

The personal present will be much more appreciated than that one you buy in the supermarket for a few bucks just to get rid of the responsibility in a easy manner. Your gesture will be highly appreciated and quickly you will make contacts, someone will see your work, want to buy some of your work of make an exhibition out of your bests.

Even if this work is more managerial that you would think, it will do you good. You might even fall into someone that has worked into that old factory, someone that has memories living in that old house, sitting on that beautifully aged armchair, remembering that peeling wallpaper.

Don’t be shy! Go on, get out in the small world around you and the big one might just be at a twist of that new connection you’ve made when you gave that printed photo to your best friend`s anniversary in that bar on your street.