Displaying Your Work

If you display your work, you will get feedback and get a chance to see how others value your shots and with a constructive mind you will quickly improve your photographic skills. Even if one day you would think that your latest picture is the milestone of your creativity at that given moment in time, there is always place for improvement.

Displaying Your WorkUsually, it is easier for others to see the faults in our work, as they are not so emotionally attached to the picture itself. You just need to keep up an open mind and take things lightly, even if at the beginning you would receive only harsh comments, as the time passes you will look back and see how much improvement has happened over a small span of time.

You will observe that feedback will be so much different, even contradictory sometimes, depending on the personality type of the person reviewing your photos. You will sometimes get good words for a not-so-good photo, as there will be harsh criticism for a well-done capture. It is up to you to see between the lines, as in any other life aspect, and take only the input you think is worth a while, or from a person you think has that good eye for capturing the essence of the subject you’ve photographed.

Even if being guided by these kind of rules, emotions will sometimes strike you, and want to defend how your photo looks. Remember that sometimes is better to keep a grip on at least a few features of your style, as it might happen that you develop that unique characteristics that everyone will recognize in the pictures signed by you. It might be hard at the beginning to seek out which features define your personal touch, but with time and experience things come out naturally.