Best Memories are Shared

Capturing the essence of the moment is the greatest thing the photographic camera allows us to do in the modern times. But the experiences behind those beautiful photos are best shared, so why go alone? Why be the only one to seek out beauty in the past? For example, if you have a friend that shares the same passion for urban landscape it would be advisable for your own safety not to go alone into abandoned, ruined places in the quest for your best photo; not to mention the possible discussions over settings, shooting angles, compositions or objects to include in your shots.

Best Memories are SharedMaybe, if you have compatible cameras, see how that lens you want to buy would take pictures attached to the body of your camera. These occasions are best for equipment exchange and various discussions over places you’ve been, experiences you want to share or just random creative ideas. In addition, as the years pass by, you will have a best friend to look over photos you’ve taken in that location that doesn’t exist any more, and memories or adventures to remember with a great sense of happiness.

Even as for the outcome, you would be amazed to see how the same subject being shot by two different persons can receive such a personal, emotional touch. You will learn a lot from the techniques used at the location, but also get to see how someone’s perspective and post processing style would give different life and feelings; get advice on which software to use, what settings correlate with which environment atmosphere.

Maybe you will be in the situation of collecting works over a big period of time, that will be generously exhibited and shared to the public, and then you’ll be able to invite your comrade to be part of the event and share some stories to the public.